November 15th, 2006


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I spent last night in the basement finally digging in to some woodworking that I'd been meaning to do for awhile.
A few weeks ago I made a sent of shelves to be a shoe rack by the front door. Used one sheet of plywood and some glue, came out pretty darn well if you ask me.
Last night I finally dove into finishing off the bass that I've had parts laying around for forever. Sanded and stained the body, it's hanging from a rafter down there drying today. Tonight I'll throw a coat of tung oil on it. Also made a new pickguard for my fretless which I've had the wood kicking around to do for almost 2 years now. Put the first coat of tung oil on that, I'll do a second coat tonight.

It's just so freaking satisfying to come up from the basement knocking sawdust off my shirt, and seeing the water run brown when I wash my hands off. I've been missing that a lot lately.

I have two to-do lists for woodworking; household items (mostly furniture) and musical items (mostly basses). So here's a list in ascending difficulty of what I have slated.
  • Coffee table
  • Ashbory bass
  • Bench in kitchen
  • Elec. upright bass
  • Bedside Tables
    (with builtin lights)
  • Custom bass guitar

  • And I leave you with:
    Awww... kiwi! (youtube link, some guy's animation masters thesis.)
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