December 24th, 2006

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Merry x-mas eve, to all you folks who celebrate it.
And a happy december 24th to the rest of you.

I'm at Meg's house (she's slumbering peacefully beside me with visions of sugarplums dancing in her head) for xmas morning. It's going to be odd not being with my parents. My sister's preggers and so couldn't fly at xmas, and meg and I really want to spend the holidays together (since we're getting married and all) so we figured it was a good year to make it happen. We'll be catching a train to my parents tomorrow 'round 'bout noon to have xmas dinner with them.

The oddest part of how attached to xmas we both are, is that both of our families are decidedly atheistic. We were raised without religion, and yet we both fixate on a religious holiday as our major family tradition and are relatively unwilling to compromise that tradition. Sure you can make an argument that xmas is barely a religious celebration in our culture, but I still find it odd.

*can't sleep, clowns'll eat me*

Meg's dad just got finished reading "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins, and I remarked that I'd just put it on my amazon wishlist, so he handed it to me and said "well I'm done with it. Take it!" So I've put down over a hundred pages of it already. It's kind of being preached to as the choir (to use a decidedly inappropriate metaphor), but it's refreshing to see someone laying out all the counter arguments to the intelligent design (ID) concept so concisely and bluntly. But Dawkins isn't just after ID, he's trying to take down god(s).

The Religion commentary/rant that I keep threatening you all with, follows.
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