January 8th, 2007

Evil Twin

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I had a really good weekend. I'm not sure specifically why, but I did.
Let's see, what happened this weekend?
- Got to see oceanic as she moved into boston, and made a run to Ikea with her and prosicated. I like Ikea, so perhaps that had something to do with it.
- I got to assemble Ikea furniture (small drawers) which, while not challenging, is always satisfying.
- I found the expensive camera lens that I thought I'd lost back in September! yay!
- prosicated and I designed a coffee table for me to build.
- got good feedback on the bass I'm building from a bunch of semi-pro bass builders.

I guess the only real downside to my weekend was that Ikea was sold out of the one thing we really wanted to pick up, which is a thing to put the TV/Stereo on in our living room. We found the perfect one, it's cheap and just the right size and shape! So of course they were sold out. *pout*
We're going back later this week or next week to pick it up.
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