March 22nd, 2007


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So I just hopped down to Cambridge Soundworks during my lunch break, since they're the only place in town that carries Grado Labs headphones as far as I can tell. I was planning on picking up their lower level SR60's, as they're widely called the best headphones under $75 in the world, and I've been craving a pair for a long time now.

I get there only discover that the store is closing and they're clearing everything out!

Long story short, I ended up with a pair of the SR 125's for a ridiculously low price! Grados never go on sale, so I'm pretty psyched. Listening to them now through my laptop, I'm quite impressed. Can't wait to hook them up to an actual good audio source and see how they sound!

Time to select a critical listening playlist...

*rocks out*
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