September 26th, 2007


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Hey, here's something I haven't mentioned lately...
We're getting married in less than two weeks!
11 days and 1 hour to be specific. (Thank you dashboard widget...)

Simultaneously thrilled and nervous, working like crazy to make sure everything's going to go smoothly, and trying to make sure this office place won't implode when I disappear for two weeks. (Only 2.5 more days, can't wait for a good long break!)

We registered at City Hall yesterday, the first legal piece of the wedding, and it was awesome. Happy little butterflies dancing in my tummy awesome.

Back to setting work in order.
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Ok, so my server exploded in a flaming ball of corrupted OS drive this past weekend.
My gallery was on there in a sql database, and while I have all the photos backed up I don't have a backup of the storage structures, so my gallery's toast. oops.

I'm thinking it's a good time to make the jump over to flickr. It does a lot of things nicely that I just don't have the time to deal with on my own server, and is less prone to, well, exploding.
I'll still be doing lots of stuff on my own server, but there are some things that other people just have more time to keep up with, like gmail's spam filtering, and flickr's semi-extensible APIs. I'd like to do it myself and do it right, but I simply don't have the time and I keep saying "oh in 6 months I'll have more time."

rstrohmh @ flickr if you care to friend it. I'll still be lj-blogging the good ones.
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