November 10th, 2007

Evil Twin

Na(no)PhotoMo - Day 9

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Cameraphone pic again, I rather like it despite its serious quality issues.
My old phone with a 1MP sensor took better pictures than my new 2MP phone does. It's kinda sad. I'm going to have to shoot some out in the daylight with it and see if it's just a lighting issue holding it back.

off to move furniture around the house!
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Nightcap nutty

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So I just got a Tivo to register through a VoIP line.

We've been sort of wanting one for quite a while now but not wanting to pay for it. Radio Shack just dropped their price on the Series2 80 hour Tivos to $49, with a $50 mail in rebate, and Tivo's got a $170 mail-in rebate with a year's prepaid service.
So... free, and a free year's service?
Done, and done.
That's all. Now I go back to watching it download programming info.

Tonight, CBC Brewers dinner. MMmmm tasty.
Next one's in March, they're taking reservations for it already. heh.
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