January 29th, 2008

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Back at work today, not 100% but perhaps 80% human. Very congested human to be sure, but whaddaya gonna do?
My ex-coworker now-boss is a major germaphobe so I make sure to sniff a little extra loudly when I walk by his office. *grin*

qwrrty posted a lovely meme of sorts, 101 tasks to complete in 1001 days. He tweaked it a bit for his personal timing situation, and I think it's an awesome project. I constantly have things I want to do that I just never seem to make time for, if I had a list staring me in the face I might actually get around to more of them.

I'm going to make a post-dated post, the nearest nice-round-date to 1001 days is Dec 31st, 2010.
Thusly it will be my 2010 Odyssey. *chuckle*

Also I need some updated pictures of me for LJ icons. Anyone out there have a recent-ish photo of me that doesn't suck?
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Evil Twin

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For you EeePC lovers, here's an upcoming machine which I think is what the aieeeeeeeeee machine should have been. It's not my perfect pocket-computer yet, but it's far closer.

The Everex Cloudbook
Same size (roughly), same weight, same price, but...
30gb drive instead of 4gb
5hr battery instead of 3
DVI-out instead of VGA
Open Source OS instead of proprietary

Me likey the direction things are heading.
(And hey, imagine if the Apple AirHead were more like this, but designed well...)

oh, and new usericons courtesy of some summer photos by coraline.
I also tossed some old icons that I wasn't using or that I know were disliked for various reasons.
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