February 25th, 2008

Making cctree

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This weekend we made things.
Saturday we made Ricotta and Mozzarella.
We MADE CHEESE! It was way cool.
prosicated made Pizza dough as well, then we made Pizza. Then we ated it.

Sunday we made sausage. Meats of evil!
And oh my goodness, homemade sausage with fresh grated ginger and minced sage in it is like the tastiest sausage ever. I'm so looking forward to making more interesting stuffs now that we get the technique, but in the meantime we've got 2+ lbs of awesome sausage chillin in the freezer until we want it. (Not stuffed, just loose breakfast sausage. Stuffing will be the next new endeavor.)

Yay yummy foods!

(Oh, and also put up Duck Breast in salt for to make duck prosciutto, and went to Russo's in Watertown for the first time.)
(Oh! And a ridiculously yummy cocktail of luxury, with saffron-cardamom bitters (homemade), sherry, and elderflower liqueur. Yum.)
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