June 24th, 2008

Sleepy red

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Suckage today was mitigated by a few things, and I'm now far less stabbity than I was earlier.

+ Discovering that due to your bank's weirdness in accounting, you in fact aren't $10k short of where you thought you were 4 days before closing on a house. Money is therefore on track as previously planned.
+/- Work went less slowly in the afternoon, although it was still a boring day.
- Can't figure out why I'm constantly paranoid at work.
+ Friends.
+ The Armageddonesque thunderstorm that flooded the street behind our office, and made a good attempt at flooding our office as well. Crisis averted with judicious and well timed mopping.
+ This thread of comments in my stabby post, full of ridiculously cute albino baby animals, courtesy of beah and cinnabarine, with assistance from damagedmuse and harm_city_heart. You guys rock, thanks!
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