July 2nd, 2008

Evil Twin

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I'm a bit of a green energy freak, I've tried to keep it quiet though. (What would the neighbors think?) I suspect that since we own our own place and I now have the ability to affect such changes, I'll be a lot less quiet on that front in the future, just fyi. If you want to opt-out of such lefty communist rantings just let me know and I'll make a filter for it.

I just signed up for NStar electric and gas service at the new house (!) and noticed that they have a full 100% wind power option available for only 1.5 cents per kwh over their standard service. ($.14/kwh instead of $.125). Total no brainer in my mind.
If you're an NStar customer with an account in good standing you can have them switch you over to full wind power. Clicky.

Step one towards full eco-friendly housing complete.
(And in 4 years when our water heater needs replacing we're totally getting an on-demand heater, but that'll be another post.)
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