August 7th, 2008


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Haven't posted in well over a week, figure it's about time for an update.

House stuff:
We're moved in! Furniture's more or less placed appropriately, and we've unpacked enough boxes to get through daily life with minimal "where's the doohicky?... oh right. In a box in the basement." It's also settled into my brain that we live here, and no longer on Rindge ave. It's kind of surprising how quickly that shifted, it's really home already for me. Pretty cool. I guess that whole month of liminality (screw you spellcheck, it's a word now!) and working on the place prepped me well for the mental jump.
The kitchen's definitely sub-optimal, but it's at least as usable as our old kitchen was... if you ignore the fact that only one burner on the stove lights itself and the fridge is kind of small. We're going to have to put some serious thought into how to lay it out, but we've got some good ideas and we're both excited by the project.
Unpacking went on hold for a bit so that we could just live in the space for a few days and make sure everything felt ok where we put it. Also because we needed a break from handling boxes.

Work's been crazy busy this week, but in a fairly good way. I don't feel like I should be finding more to do, which has been a fairly constant back-of-the-brain feeling since I started here. I have a full plate of stuff that I can't get done in one day (probably more than a week's worth of NOW projects at any point in time), and I think that officially means that I've found my niche in the IT workings here. My days involve some Active Directory work, some user support work, some printer fixing, some photoshopping images, some HTML/ASP coding/updating, some movie-clip editing, some CD burning, and the occasional configuring a firewall or repatching phone/net jacks. It's a pretty good mix that keeps me mentally occupied.

Other life stuff:
Meeting tonight with the Dorkbot crew about starting a HackerSpace, definitely something cool that I'd like to be involved in. Monthly membership costs TBD, but communal workspace and chillspace with personal storage and lots of tools to use, including metal and woodworking machinery (lathes! fun!). If anyone else out there is interested, drop me a comment and I'll get you info about the meeting tonight.
Food has been difficult recently for a variety of reasons outside our control. I'd like that trend to reverse itself. We have a bunch of awesome comestible appointments in the next few weeks, so hopefully food will start being less difficult and more superlative. Also, I need to start cooking more often as we're very tired of takeout. (As is our shared wallet.)
Also I need to find my camera-battery charger...

and now... lunch.
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