October 20th, 2008

Bass me

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Emperor Norton gig THIS Thursday night!
TT the Bear's, Doors at 8PM.

We play at Midnight (I know, it's late but I'd love to see you all there).
There's an awesome band at 9pm and two others I don't know between them and us, I'm going to scope out their music now but I expect goodness.

9:00pm - What Time Is It Mr. Fox?
10:00pm - Garvy J
11:00pm - Black Fortress Of Opium
Midnight - Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band

TT the Bear's, http://www.ttthebears.com/
It's only $8, 18+.

(Germany post coming once I get to it. Was a great trip overall with some sick at the end, and I really want a recumbent trike now. I'm possibly building my own.)
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