December 29th, 2008

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Plumbing vents...

So the plumber came out and installed our new stove finally! (yay!)
It's shiny, and works! Fire!

Unfortunately when I asked him about our plans to move the sink he went into the basement with me to check it out, and then gave me the bad news that our sink isn't vented currently. This is apparently not up to code, and if they move if they'd have to run a new vent. This would apparently require ripping out the wall and ceiling of the kitchen, so basically we'd have to gut the kitchen which we were thinking was headed towards being finished, not gutted.
I'm not clear why they couldn't tap into the existing vent on the main stack, but he pointed at it and said "There's your existing one, we'd have to run a totally new vent for the sink though." I didn't think of it in time to ask him, I was still going "Aw nuts" under my breath.

I could do the plumbing myself (meaning I'm physically capable of it) and have it not be to code, but I have no clue what the implication of a non-vented sink/dishwasher is. Guess I have some research to do.
Anyone familiar with plumbing drainage vents, and the necessity/danger thereof?

Off to put up pizza dough for dinner.
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