June 9th, 2009

Evil Twin

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haven't updated in just about forever, but I promise I'm still alive and well.
And refreshing LJ every half hour as always.
That's all for the moment. ^_^
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Dubious hephalump

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Who's the guy who just managed to run an SNMP sweep of the office network while trying to add a printer to an OSX 10.5 iMac?

This guy!

Ok, so I'm goofing off with the new iMac on my desk but seriously, WTF is this crap? Why are you SNMP sweeping to find printers OSX?
It sets of lots of alarms on our network and pages my coworker... *grumble*
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Solomons Seal

Solomons Seal
Originally uploaded by rstrohmh.
Spent my evening doing LOTS of image processing, just posted a whole lump to flickr.

This lump includes the second half of my brother-in-law's wedding, as well as a handfull of random photos taken since then. I still have quite a backlog but I'm starting to get closer to current with it since I haven't been shooting much lately.

Go check out my flickr stream here if you want to see more, I may crosspost a few more to LJ later.