July 12th, 2009

Evil Twin

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Attempting to post from an iPhone, we'll see how this goes.

Just spent 2.5 days in a makeshift recording studio with most of emperor Norton's, it mostly went very smoothly with only occasional disputes over diminished 9ths vs. minor 7ths, during which the drummer and I would stare at the wall in respective stupors. We got through a LOT of material, so hopefully once editing and overdubs are done we will have a lovely full length album of ENSMB available with the mostly original lineup.

I got home from recording today and sat on the back porch alternately staring at the ground and watching the sunset. My mental capacity is not currently what you might consider high. I'm going to vegetate in this folding chair on the front porch with a book on my lap until meg gets home from dinner. and then I plan to snuggle up on the couch with my wife and let the rest of the world spin on it's merry little way unattended for awhile.