July 22nd, 2009

Dubious hephalump

Consumer fail.

I'm not a big fan of box stores, but sometimes they're a necessary evil.
I left the house this evening with one goal: to achieve a reel mower for cutting our new backyard.
Both Home Despots I visited only had one mower in stock, for a whopping $140. There was actually a gas powered mower next to it for five bucks less. They USUALLY carry about 4 models of reel mower, but apparently I should have showed up earlier in the summer.

I picked up a few other necessities and rolled over to Target looking for 15-20ish KG kettlebells, only to discover that the largest kettlebell they carry is a whopping 15lbs., which is way light for my needs.

Came home and ordered a mower off Amazon with better features for almost half what Home Despot wanted, and it'll be here Friday. It's 9:21PM and I got nothing I wanted to done this evening.

To the basement! I have new ideas for laying out workspace.
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