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Someone I know has the most wonderful smile. When her face lights up, no one in the room can keep a frown on their face. Even the most surly of men cannot avoid a little grin when she's smiling, bouncing, flitting about. She makes my life a joy to live, and makes her friends happy to know her. She is one of the only people in the world who has gone through puberty and can still make babies smile at will. I try to imitate that now and again, but the best I can achieve is a fake cheer that the youngest child can see through in an instant.

Someone I know is as graceful as a cinderblock isn't when she isn't thinking about it. she can waltz around a room as long as she thinks no one is looking. When she is alone, I am convinced that she walks on air, and dozes in the grass without bending a single blade.

Someone I know makes my life worth living.

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