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So I don't really post anything about myself anymore.

Hi journal! it's me, ry. remember me?
Life has been good lately. I'm not in financial straits anymore, so that feels AMAZING. was finally able to spend money on a computer part (new monitor) that wasn't necessary or a replacement.
I have a job, it ain't great, but it pays the bills as they say. Helpdesk is boooring.
Meg and I are getting along well, no complaints there. She just had a weekend in Portland recently, sounds like a marvelous city. I wanna see the northwest sometime.
This past year has whipped by. there was nothing to break it up into chunks. no christmas break, no summer job, no exciting back to school... just the seasons changing. I've been living with meg in philly for almost a full year now, will be a full year in a little over a month. The winter's creeping up on us again, seems like just a little while ago I was shoveling out my car. Summer flew by, sick relatives and never enough time to do what we wanted to. I didn't go swimming once, quite sad.
I've put on a lot of weight in the past year, hopefully I can lose it again.
My sister's engaged, Beefamato's engaged, cousin pete's married, I'm not and we're in no rush.
Meg's applying to grad school, we're waiting on that to see where we'll be for the next bunch of years. lots of conflicting emotions there for both of us, it's going to be an interesting event no matter what that outcome is. we'll either stay in philly and probably try to buy a house, or move somewhere interesting and pretty much start new lives there. Craziness either way. it all feels so... adult.

We had a conversation about adulthood the other day. we ran into some young girls - 15-18 age range - on the street and had a strange interaction. (Meg says I got hit on, I think I just got hit.) I think they thought we were grownups. very very strange.
We don't get carded for alcohol anymore, well I should say rarely. and then it's only where they're carding everyone, or it's the 80 year old guy at the licker store who can't tell the ages of anyone under 50.
but we're not growed up. not not not. But if I were still under 18, I'd look at me and meg and say "eww. you're all growed up. stupid adults..."
I don't wanna be growed up.

and I've strayed hopelessly off topic, so i'll shush now.
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