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(Jimmi O'Badger asked me about capitalization of my name. It's one of the few rare things in this world that I've actually put thought into the presentation of. Normally I don't give a crap how people perceive me, cause they either get it right or wrong, and there's little that I can do to change that. I can pretend to be something other then myself, and then they perceive that and not truly me, which I choose to do now and then, but normally I like to just be me and let them perceive what they can.
My name however, and how I write it, I do think about.)

Question: why is your name in lowercase, but "I" capitalized? isn't that contradictory?

I never really capitalize my name. it's just my name.
however, I is capitalized, cause if you don't capitalize it then it's not a word, it's just a letter. ;o)

Ok, so I do capitalize my name now and then.
here we go.

i remember when I first decided not to capitalize my name. it was early in college. I still can't quite define why I don't, but it just feels more right in lower case.
If I'm writing my full name, Ry Strohm-Herman, I always capitalize. if I'm just writing ry, I rarely capitalize. It mostly has to do with whether or not I'm refering to myself in a formal sense. When I'm writing e-mails, if I don't know the person I'm writing to I capitalize Ry even if I'm leaving off the last name. If I know the person, I usually sign it -ry or -me.
It's definitely a formality/familiarity thing. Ry sounds too big for 'lil 'ole me unless it's in a business sense, or somewhere else that I'm trying to impress people/get a raise.
My friends call my ry, my boss calls me Ry.

now the rest of you out there, do you capitalize your name? do you capitalize "I"? why/why not?
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