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So I just googled an old friend from middle/high school.
We were really close for a couple of years, then he disappeared. Last i heard, he and another friend of ours were off to Amsterdam with a large wad of cash. I hadn't heard about him since then, until recently. Apparently he's living in the northwest somewhere hiding in a cabin and programming. I finally found his name (which is rather unique) through yellowpages.com. I'm not really sure if it's him, but I have a phone number and an address. I can't find his e-mail to save my life though. Google was no help. *shock*
I mapquested the address, and indeed it is in the far Northwest. there are no roads near it (curious since it's a street number I entered...) and it is virtually as close as you can get to canadia while still in the US.
So do I call him, do I send him a letter, or do I keep seeking for an e-mail address?
He's a geek at heart, so i know he does e-mail. no way around that. but it ain't under his name, and I don't know what any of his aliases would be. We were on the internet way back before you even needed an alias. BBSes and such. Ah, those were the days. *cuts short nostalgia trip*

back to the hunt.

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