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interesting question that came up.

a] why did you start a blog and / or journal when you first started? doesn't have to be livejournal unless that happened to be your first experience with blogging / journaling. in essence, what purpose did you see behind putting _____ out for all to see on the web?

I started one because I'd always liked the idea of keeping a journal, but being a techhead I would lose any book that wasn't for drawing in. The idea of an online journal really appealed to me, and I knew one or two people with LJs already. It was an easy step for me. The purpose behind it was to give me a space that wasn't necessarily easy to pin back to my true self so I could be more of who i wanted to be and less of who I am. As i got more comfortable with the medium, i let the anonymity part slide because I had become more of who I wanted to be through examining that part of myself and being conscious of it. Now my journal's deteriorated to posting nifty links, because I don't need to pretend I'm someone else anymore.

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