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so I got a really good deal on a big hosting package, but it's more than I'd like to pay, so I'm willing to share the love to try to recoup some of my losses.

$5/month or $50/yr for 200mb, unlimited ftp/email/subdomains, Cpanel, SSH, SQL databases, forums/chat, virtually unlimited transfer (10gb/month), and heck, even frontpage extensions if you want em.
if you need more transfer or more disk space, just say so, we can work something out.
your own IP address available for a little more cost.

The data center guarantees %99.999 uptime, which is pretty damn good, and they've delivered on that for the past two years. Not a fly-by-night, will be around.
Let me know if you want an IP to ping test or a file to test transfer speeds.

heck, if enough people sign up we can drop the price lower. I'm not in this to make money, i just don't want to lose money on the deal.

(since you all's my friends, if you just want a subdomain of cybertrash.net or klocwerk.com, such as xxxxxx.klocwerk.com, just let me know and we can set that up fer free. I'm looking in the direction of some badgers for this one...)

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