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so I had a weekend.
oh did I ever.

saturday we went out to see my parents cause it's my mom's birthday today.
was a good day, full of fire, tractors, and having my foot pierced by a nail. whee fun.
satyrday night we went to a housewarming, which was lots of fun and cause for a private (perhaps friends-only) post that I shall be making soon. The badgerhouse is officially warm. :o)
went to bed around 2am, got up around 7:30 and drove to NY City to see the girl's family. went to their favorite restaurant (which was better in my mind than in reality, funny how that happens...), did her father's birthday stuff, had cake 'n all dat stuff.
drove back, listened to two Neil Gaiman short stories on CD, one was super freaky. somehow prosicated and I both knew the stories already, we're still trying to work that one out.
came home, crashed, got up, came to work, irritating cubemate got fired as she walked in the door, I didn't notice her cleaning out her desk right behind me, and someone on the other side of the office asked me what was going on. *blink blink*
this has been an interesting few days.
and hopefully I'll get some good news today or tomorrow. keep yer fingers crossed for me!
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