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Describe the bag (backpack, briefcase, purse, masculine carryall, pockets) you most often carry.
bright orange, handle and shoulderstrap, flap that's the full height of the bag. one big main pocket, one medium zippered pocket, many small ones. two small side pockets.
oh, and bright orange.

Quick, dump it out. What's in there?
from memory, cause I'm that good:
  • Pens: 4 (black, blue, spare black, and the light-up blue LED one
  • Pencils: 1 real, one mechanical
  • Sharpies: 2, black and blue
  • Nail Clippers
  • 2 checkbooks
  • 1 USB flash drive (32MB), contents classified
  • 1 floppy disk
  • 1 Swiss army tech tool
  • 1 bottle vitamin-I (generic advil)
  • 1 ex-mintz tin, assorted vitamin-I and generic alieve
  • 1 tin penguin mints (caffeinated)
  • 1 super-powered throat drop
  • 1 2.5" hard drive, status unknown
  • 1 digital camera
  • 1 USB compactflash reader
  • 1 bag almonds (2.25oz)
  • 1 spiffy notebook with copies of resumee in it
  • 1 sketchbook

    Did you use this as an excuse to clean the bag out, or did you just put everything back?

    i said memory...
    i just cleaned it out a few weeks ago when I switched to the new bag you see.
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