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ah, geekiness.
ah, antisociality.

appologies to those trying to drag me out of my apartment this weekend (aka Badgerhaus), I was busy being a fat geeky slob and vegetating in my own sloth.
In completely unrelated news, the new update for Diablo2 was released last week.
I ordered a sicillian pizza with green peppers on friday and ate it all weekend, imbibing copious amounts of soda to go with it. It's good to get back to geexor soul-food once in awhile.

but I got that out of my system now, back to real life.
the curtlepine is reappearing at the airport today from her mysterious vacation on another plane. I look forward to hearing about it.

I'm debating creating a new journal to put my writing in, would you people prefer that?
I think I would. easier to manage who views it too, there are people who I can't add to a friends filter cause I read their journals in their journals, not on my friends list. I know, I'm an anal bastard.
with that said, I need a name for the new journal. unless anyone has severe objections to that.

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