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yet another slow day at work.
should have brought my laptop.

general life update time!

Work has been slow lately.
4 new people have started in the past month, 1 is completely useless, 2 are ok, and 1 shows potential. socially however they aren't quite fitting in for the most part. *shrug*
very very slow of late.

We invented a new game, it's called cubeball. It's basically lawn darts for the office. Take one koosh, print out three targets apiece, and try to land said koosh on the targets at the other desk. absurdly fun.
oh, and we're launching a website to sell this game, and anything else we can come up with. expect that link soon. :o)
My first pseudo-business venture! (other than web hosting...)

been really tired lately for no apparent reason. maybe my age is catching up with me. I used to be up till 12-1 every day without fail.

Last night went over to the badgerhaus for a little while after geeking out for most of the evening. Role-playing, yeah geexor. also picked up the two towers extended edition. *drool* Guess what I'm doing for 3 hours tonight. :o)

trying to work on websites, trying to stay awake, trying not to hunt for a new job while at work with a boss sitting behind me.

oh, and hordes of new LJ icons too. :o)

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