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the greatest 500 albums of all time...?
Published by rolling stone magazine.
agree or disagree, it's a comprehensive list, albeit a created by someone obsessed with classic rock. Nothing outside the mainstream on this list at all which is depressing. oh well.

the beatles take 4 out of the top ten. Yeah, ok, they're good. but 4 of the top 10? no way in hell. There's plenty of other music out there guys, try listening to it!

It's good to see the clash get some respect at #8

Miles Davis: Kind of Blue at #12 (should be higher)

Nirvana's nevermind at #17? weak. that album singlehandedly caused a creative explosion in mainstream music in teh early '90s. should be top 10.

U2 finally appears at #26 with Joshua Tree. I'd have put achtung baby up there, but that ranks at a lowly #62. again, weak.

Muddy Waters anthology at #38. Perhaps I'm blues/jazz biased, but that should be way higher.

Sex Pistols, nevermind the bollocks at #41. the seminal punk album. way higher.

Bob Marley, Legend at #46. WAY higher. *sigh*

purple rain at #72? bullshit. should be around 20

Paul Simon's Graceland at #81??? psht. 20's

The Who, Tommy at 96??
who the hell made this list? they need a beating.

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