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Last night

Last night was lovely.
I have, as we all do, (college people at least) stuff due this week. I had a 10 pager due last night. So what happens? I get sick.
I had lunch around 2, I got the last chicken sandwich off of the tray in the dining center.
At around 3:30, my tummy starts being unhappy.
Around 4:30 I start throwing up. Woohoo.
This continues, off and on, with fitfull naps in between until about 10 PM. THen it finally started to go away, due not in small part I believe to the fact that the girl showed up and read to me while I lay in bed not moving. (I love her so much! *happy sigh*)
So sufice it to say, paper never got written.
Woke up this morning around 10ish, tummy was obviously not up to it's usual standards, but it was better than last night. (Oh, big statement!)
Laid around in the morning, read LJ, etc. Went and had a light lunch to see if the tummy could take it. Went ok. :o)
Then my... friend?...aquaintence? lets just call him Tim. My Tim calls me up because he's having trouble aligning some text in MS Word. (This kid, I swear! I don't know how he operates on a daily basis without falling apart...)
SO I spent about an hour doing this layout for him in word. woohoo.
So I get back here and start trying to write paper.
Paper doesn't like me.
It doesn't like being written on either.
Bad 26.5 hours, except being read to in the middle.

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