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my ideal tech/home/life/... stuff setup. someday.
I'm just making this post so that I'll have it to reference in the future when I try to remember what I was lusting after.

 Solar roof, reverse flow with grid for optimal cost/eco solution.
 (New geothermal stuff on the horizon, keep an eye on it. Stock tickers: colcf.pk / boref.pk)
 good insulation (research needed)
 inline water-heater

House Design
light light light
hand made furniture, custom (hand made?) lighting
adaptable and well-designed kitchen-social space as well as practical
as much done with sustainable materials as possible
non-traditional heating sources? hot water pipes under the floors...
Workshop/officey space for both of us - - woodworking, etc. for you, craftier for me
Wrestling/punching bag/yoga space with mats, etc.

Projector (infocus X1) (portable?)
Combo File Server/DVD/DIVX computer (mini-itx solution)
Speakers in every room, independant volume controls.
game system(s)
MAME cabinet
pinball machine? mmm... tasty.

Windows Gaming boxen (hooked to projector? otherwise gaming LCD)
Linux Boxen (low power for general use, big slow LCD)
  **wall mount over desk?**

camera. Liking the Pentax Optio 555. 5MP, 5x optical zoom. steve's review is positive.

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