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no, wait. not typing up a case.

So it's the slowest afternoon EVER here, excluding the week after xmas which is completely dead. pesudoboss let all the 4:00 people go at 3:30, so here's to hoping I'm out of here soon.

sitting here listening to a bluegrass rendition of Paint it Black, and a coworker comes by my desk to ask me a question. (he's an italian from north philly with the appropriate accent and mannerisms, for those of you who know what that implies.)
Joe: dude, you know that database... uh... what the fuck are you listening to?
me:  um... bluegrass?
Joe: that's like banjos and shit, isn't it? [twang]'n hicks with grass in their mouths?[/twang]
me:  mmm... yeah. pretty much. did I tell you i play the banjo?
Joe: shit dawg, i knew you were weird, but... sheesh. *walks away shaking head*
me:  *just smiles*

now the music has moved on to bluegrass "wish you were here". I love this cd. lol.

Had a great night last night, just hanging out with curtlepine and badger and getting pleasantly drunk. Those last two shots of tequilla though, oh man. woke up a little dazed this morning. heh. it's been a long time since I've had enough to drink that I felt that drunk. was fun.

anyway, I'll stop rambling. hope I get out of here soon, i'm going nuts.

**UPDATE** leaving at 4:15! yay!

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