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i been quiet lately.

Lots going on in my life, most of my online time lately has been shopping for xmas. For all that time spent shopping i did terribly. oh well. people know i love em. consumerism sucks.

Been thinking about putting together a new computer since I finally found a game that made mine act slow. After researching all the bits and pieces I wanted, I changed my mind. I need to stop playing so many damn computer games anyway. Plus I just got a PS2, that can be my gaming outlet for the time being. Once halflife2 comes out, then I'll probably upgrade the 'ole cpu so that I can play it, but I'll wait for that.

I have a bunch of projects that need space, and I'm just waiting till I have space to enact these projects. I want to build an arcade machine, I've always wanted one.
I also want to make the front door of my house circular, a la hobbit doors. I've worked out how to do it even, with a functional central doorknob and all. I can't wait.
Also have a couple ideas floating around my head for nice functional furniture. mmm... space...

I want to catch up with and old friend, and an even older friend. I should be able to contact both of them. I have a phone number and e-mail for one, and the other one's mom and my mom are still close, so I can find him via that route. I just need to quit being such a wus and do it.

the end.

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