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The meg called me from Germany~!~
She's alive and safe and having fun and all that good stuff. Been worried since I hadn't heard from her, but that's also a good thing cause i would have heard if something were wrong, so yeah.
i misses her.

In other news, friend of mine is in the city, was supposed to call me but he's a nut monkey. It's too late to call the fondue eaters, the fondue's all gone by now.
I was out racing go-karts with my dad. I always forget how fun that is until I do it again. I totally didn't want to go, then I totally didn't want to leave. funny how that works out sometimes.

Making a run to a home improvement store if badgerhaus wants to tomorrow, that would be fun.
I gotta get myself back on a more normal sleep schedule. but it's 9:30 now and I'm not sleepy at all. *le sigh* guess I set an alarm for the morning to kick my ass out of bed relatively on time.

*edit* posted with the "deepest sender" client for firebird. nifty.

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