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My system is a 1ghz athlon tbird.
decided to clean out my heatsink, because I haven't done it since I installed the thing, which has been about 2.5 years now.
Just for shits and giggles, took some temperature readings before cleaning.
51c when idleing.

removed a cubic inch of dust and hair from the cpu (cats). a cubic freakin inch! and this is a stock amd heatsink, not some monster thermaltake or something.
Cleaned up, rebooted. my idle temp was now 46c.
dropped 5 degrees just by cleaning out the dust. heh.

Decided to push the sucker a bit, worse comes to worst I use my laptop till I replace a burnt chip.
idle at 1.1ghz was 51, same as 1ghz was before cleaning.
Pushed it up to 1.2ghz, fastest my Mobo will let me go, haven't broken 60c on a load test.

i just got a free processor upgrade!


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