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so I just sold off enough stuffs to get a new motherboard and cpu gratis.
unfortunately I'm out a video card cause I just sold my newish one.

but that's ok. not gaming at the moment anyway. I can wait on the vid card.
soooo excited! I haven't been a hardware geek in ages, now I just need to find a nice quiet heatsink for the cpu. Liking the Swiftechs, and the zalman radials. Unfortunately I don't think the zalman will fit in my case. heh.

but I've got a couple weeks to work it out. Stuff isn't shipping till tomorrow, so it probably won't get here till I'm in Maui. Then the curtlepine's going to London, so it looks like I'll have something to occupy my time while she's gone. fighting with getting new hardware to work. hehe!

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