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the universe, is a spiraling big band.
flowers, can't grow.
flowers, can't grow.

my brain is spinning, neurons chattering in the gray expanse. grey? gray. two different colors. vanilla flavored speed. ufo's hovering over my computer.
hunks of metal, plastic, glass, and silicon, with little tiny leprechauns running around inside activating pixels, furiously scribbling on parchment, and squirreling it away to be retrieved by the pixies. mini pixies constantly flitting about retrieving parchment that he leprechauns have stashed randomly about.
(pixies are tasty, don't let them tell you otherwise. they're just squeamish about being eaten.)
whoops, my computer beasts haven't eaten enough today, gotta post or they'll forget all this.

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    Just an "I'm alive and reading" post. hi all. :)

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