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My computer fucking died tonight.
First I tripped over the CD caddy what was sticking out of the drive, neatly busting up my CDR.
In tearing out the now useless scsi adapter for said drive I sliced my finger open on a sharp pin.
my only other CD drive has been broken for a few months.
So I currently have a computer running at 333mhz with a floppy drive that has issues, it's booting off an ancient 800 MB drive, and has an 18 Gig-er as it's D drive.
So I threw together a quick LAN around here, backed up all my docs and MP3s to our NT server (well, dads NT server), and i'm now low level formating my 18 gig-er with the hopes of being able to boot off of it when I'm done here. It'll be going for about another hour. I think I'm going to bed first. I'm really freakin pissed right now.
I think the best way to go would be to get myself a new barebones (assuming that this low-level format works) and swap in my hard drive, vid card, etc. And I don't like not having a computer, so it may be happening soon.
I'm making lots of money this summer, I can afford it. Right? *crosses fingers*
I'll try to wait 2 more weeks, there's a computer show coming to the area, maybe I can get a good deal there. They usually have great prices.
E-bay has some good prices too, but the motherboards are often seriously sketchy. 2 pci slots and an AMR? gimme a break.
Must wait and get good deal! Must not pay 60 bucks for shipping from e-bay!
Must control anger.

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