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The journal of a seriously nerdly week...

So last night I think I may have managed to repair the CDR drive. It took getting so frustrated that I didn't care if I broke it (cause it already wasn't working) so I tore it apart and put it back together. I haven't installed it yet, cause I needed SOME sleep, but I'll try that tonight and see how it goes.
I went to sleep while the format was running (cause it was going to take 1.5 hours). I woke up in the middle of the night cause i had to pee, and I stopped in to start the installation of Win2K. Booted off the CD and ran the install process. This morning I gave it the info it wanted and left for work, leaving it to finish itself up, so when I get home I should have a brand new system with Win2K and nothing else on it. yay? We'll see. Hopefully I can get it to recognise the NT server so I can pull my files back down. The networking has changed drastically for 2K. *crosses fingers* Otherwise, well, I'll have to swap the HD into my dad's Win98 machine as a slave drive and copy the files onto it there.
And that would be a pain.

I'm doing remarkably well not bidding on a new computer on e-bay. I think I deserve some congratulations for this. *beams*

I should d/l the client for this puter, would make life easier and it's easier to hide than a full IE window when official people walk by. ;o)

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