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I made good use of a lonely evening at home.

Got linux up and running completely on my main system. (redhat shrike if anyone cares.)
Got sound working.
that may not sound like much to you, but it was the first time i've ever messed with sound in Linux. I usually just have it running on servers that don't have speakers.

I have two linux boxen running as I type. I'm tempted to boot up both laptops off knoppix CDs just to be able to say I have 4 computers running linux at once. hehe!
To prove that I'm even more cool, one of them is running as a server and i mounted a local file structure to the mp3s stored on the server and I'm playing em from there. Damn that's cool.

only thing I really want to do now is get my mouse's extra buttons to work.

ok, ok. [/geek]

I still haven't heard a word from Meg, but I'm not worried.
nope nope.
I am the very definition of unconcerned about her well-being.
*hides gnawed fingernails*

I'm sure she's fine, but damn do I miss her.

(this song is very intentionally the first one i played once I got XMMS working. >:-D
You're officially a geek or movie-nut if you get the reference.)

"Zero Cool? Crashed fifteen hundred and seven systems in one day?
Biggest crash in history, front page, New York Times, August 10th, 1988.
I thought you was black, man!
Yo, man, this is Zero Cool!
Oh, shit!"
damn, now I gotta go watch that tonight. hehe!
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