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Yay. I'm running win2k.
that's about all that's gone right this afternoon.
I got stopped by a cop (I HATE HIGHWAY COPS!) and was given a ticket for having an expired inspection sticker. A $25 fine. SO how much is the bill? $95. Hey, they gotta pay for their donuts somehow, and it was obvious that this guy needed a lot more money than most. I wanted to poke him in the tummy a la pillsbury doughboy as he stood there looking around and being pompous.
ANother thing I hate about cops, they either stare you down as they talk to you or else they don't even look at your face the entire time. He was the latter type.
Fucking bad day.
I can't tell my mother about the ticket, she has enough ammo already in our arguments about MY FUCKING life.
On the plus side I did successfully fix the CDR. yippee. One less thing to have to deal with.

This world's broken. Can I have a new one?

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