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the future of music starts here.

It's true!
Granted it might not be Mperia who hits it big with this concept, but this is the concept that will be the future of music. artists selling themselves. We saw the beginnings of it with mp3.com, where small artists could get their names out for free and had an online presence. P2P rocked the music world because hey, people wanted music on their computers because they were on their computers all the time these days. It's slowly supplanting the television as the media hub of the home. It's not happening overnight, but it is definitely happening. That it was free on P2P was just a fringe benefit. Look at the success of iTunes, and how the media is going ga-ga about the "revolution of the century."
If you don't think that the global interconnected network is going to replace the record labels, you're not thinking hard enough, or far enough ahead.

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