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and now i'm going to do that really nifty box meme that i've seen people doing. (stolen from inlaterdays) if you could put ten items in a box that would give a complete stranger some idea of you, what would they be?

1. Picture of prosicated and I.
2. Photo of my 3+ computers setup at home.
3. A DiscCraft 175g. flying disk. (aka Frisbee.)
4. A spikey, brown, seed pod with branch attached.
5. a CD of MP3s (contents to be determined later)
6. Picture of me in Utah with my legs dangling over a 2000ft cliff.
7. My college transcript pegged to the box with a bloody knife.
8. A list of the websites I check obsessively.
9. Fill it the rest of the way with good Chester County PA dirt and rocks.
10. Plant grass on top of it and place a pair of 'Locals' flip-flops on top.

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