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Sheesh. At work again and bored again. Seems to be a common occurence.
Let's see... had a good weekend. Went to the wildwood kite festival. yay! Unfortunately I couldn't find my camera because of my recent life moving, it found it this morning still in a box unpacked. So, no pictures. *sigh*
Oh well. C'est la vie.
Plus, it gets decent media coverage because it's one of the largest kite festivals in the world, so lots of kites up and the media notices. Is good. Always makes the 10 o'clock news around here. So there's plenty of pics out there, don't know if they're up on the web anywhere yet or now.
Taught the girl how to fly a 2 line kite. That was fun. :o)
Went and watched some of the indoor competition, had to leave halfway through it though because of traffic. Memorial day weekend and all. The indoor is so damn cool. I fly indoor sometimes, but these guys are amazing. There's a group of 5 young indoor flyers. They fly to techno and other atypical music, and do some amazing stuff. they're the cutting edge of indoor kite flying.
(for those of you who don't know what indoor kite flying is, or if you just wanna see pictures of it, click here.) I love indoor. I fly inside whenever I get a chance. so much more graceful...
but I'll not babble about kites here too much. As most of you don't give a flying fuck. (heh, good accidental pun. Kites? flying? get it? *sigh*)
so yeah. Good weekend, wrapped up by a lovely dinner made by the girl for her new apartment mates and I. mmm... tasty... (she cooks so good...)
But, after a long weekend it's back to the daily grind. *sigh*
Boring work, shitty coffee, only good thing is the pictures I brought to put up in my silly little cubicle.

Feels: Tired, bored, un-utilized
Thinks: trying not to actually.
Wants: lunch to come faster
waiting for: Diablo II expansion pack to come out and a new computer to fall in my lap.d

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