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So we went ice skating tonight.
I was doin fine, then I slipped and fell.
I was sleepy, so I fell stupidly.
Long story short, I got the wind knocked out of me, and was thinking that was it. So I sit up, get my air back, then stand up. my elbow's tingling a bit where it hit the ice, so I feel it and it goes "OUCH! DON'T TOUCH ME FUCKER!"
once I got over the shock of finding out that my elbow can talk, I realized that it had hit the ice so hard that it had split the skin, very deeply. VERY deeply.
it's gory.

surprisingly it hasn't hurt at all. Much like when I broke my collarbone. just a feeling of "hey, somethings a little off." but no pain.
works for me.
Considered getting stitches, but enh. I've had as bad and didn't get stitches. I'll live.
but it's right on the bend in my elbow, so I can't bend my arm at least for the time being, which sucks. if I do it pulls the skin wide open, not so useful for healing.

I was going to play music this weekend for the first time in a long time, with Lydia Squidia for the first time. now I can't bend my arm. hard to play bass with a straight arm. *sigh*

off to figure out how I'm going to sleep with my arm straight.

P.S. I'll post some nasty gory pictures later if I get it opened up again. no promises though.

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