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Ummm.... eep?
Don't know whether to be scared or very very intrigued...
This new game... Magestic...
It's gonna blow everything ever away.
Or be a total flop.
I don't know which and it's bothering me.
Oh, my life? not much new. Some hedgehog concerns, some classes and homework, some DiabloII playing, you know. Basics of survival.
Yes I'm wearing a skirt. Happy?
My dad just interviewed with Unisys. My dad rules. He's 52 and just decided to change jobs after working at one place in a dead end job for 28 years. wow. Guy's got brass balls the size of grapefruits. heh. He got his MCSE for networking and started sending resumes to computer companies. He's so damn cool...
in other news, I've been writing HTML since I was 14. That's almost 7 years now. There are professional web designers out there who learned HTML in the year 2000. what's wrong with this picture...? SOME ONE PAY ME TO DO STUFF!!!! PLEASE!!!!
Seriously though, seeking a $10+ per hour summer job. PLEASE respond to this post if you can help. Philly area, or provide more money/housing. ;o)
I have a resume...
Just ask...
god I need a job. *sigh*
well this is a long useless entry. heh.
better ones in the future.

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