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life update.

I'm playing music again!
With Ms. squidia and an as yet un-met drummer who apparently lives in center city.
I'm psyched. it's fun, I missed playing music so muchly! thanks go to squidia for offering me the opportunity and kicking my lazy ass into gear on it.

work isn't sucking as much lately, because I've developed a few projects for myself that don't involve being on the phone with fucktards all day long. Still don't know if the linux classes will pan out, waiting for news from Incompetent Inc. management on that. I'm really REALLY hoping that they do pan out.

The girl's grad school search is narrowing down, we're either in Boston or Philly, it's pretty much decided. I dont' know why having it down to two cities is making me feel so much more stable, but it is. it's nice.

Elbow's healing up real good. I have no gory pictures of it in it's infancy, so there's no use in my posting a not-so-gory picture of it now. You'll just have to imagine how nasty it was. I'm pretty sure I saw bone in there, it was kinda cool. I've never seen my skeleton before.

I have 2 bionicles. Lerahk and Vorahk.
That means I'm cooler than you.
(except inlaterdays who still out bionicles me by far I'm certain, and prosicated who has THREE bionicles!)

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