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So after all this work building a server, getting two identical hard drives, cutting a chunk out of a heatsink so that it wouldn't electocute my processor (again), blah blah blah, the powersupply I have for the server chassis isn't beefy enough to run both hard drives at once.

So I have one of two options.

1: buy a beefier power supply for $75, and recoup most of that cost by selling my current one on e-bay. (they're going for like $50 right now, so I could probably get at least that much.)

2: run a web server with no file backups, or just file backups on the same drive as the files, thus losing everything in case of a drive failure.
bad idea.

So for $25 (net cost) I can finish off this damn computer which has been a pain in the arse, and have backups on a separate drive.
but damnit, I hate having to try to sell shit on e-bay. it's just irritating.
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