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So I'm walking out of my apartment today, and out of nowhere, my lower back decides that today is the day to speak.

"Hey Ry!"
[umm... hello lower back.]
"Just thought I'd let you know, I'm going to make your day a living hell! What do you think of that, biotch?"
[er, doesn't sound so hot to me...]
"TOUGH SHIT! Mwuhahahahahahahaha!"
[hmm... i can defeat you! I summon the power of advil!]
"ah cra-"

and all went well until lunch. I was sitting there, eating my snushi, and suddenly bam, the advil leaves me in hte hands of my arch-nemesis, lower-back.

"I'm back fucker! I beat your puny champion!"

so I whimper and old-man my way back into the office, and once again summon my champion to do battle for me.
*ding ding! round 2!*

I have no idea where this came from, maybe I slept twisted or something, but it fucking hurts.

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