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So i was sorting change into piles by denomination, and i found a funny looking nickle.
don't know how I hadn't heard about this.

Here's some info and an image if you haven't seen em yet.

The backside of the nickels now entering circulation features the Jefferson Peace Medal. This was a ceremonial medallion presented to Native American chiefs during treaty signings and other big pow-wows. It displays clasped hands and a peace pipe overlapping a hatchet.

The second nickel will be released in the fall, and will be engraved with an image of the keelboat used by Lewis and Clark in exploring the American West. President Jefferson was that expedition's chief patron.

The decision last year to replace Monticello on the coin created a political controversy. Objecting strenuously to the loss of free advertising for one of Virginia's top tourist attractions, that state's congressional delegation lobbied to make the nickel's redesign a temporary measure.

The coin is scheduled to revert to its former design in 2006.


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