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mmmm... boston...

So we're moving in with the badgers around the end of May, but we're only going to get to stay for 2-3 months before we're off to Boston. kinda sad, it should be fun living there.

Im trying to decide when to quit my job. It's probably all going to depend on how much money I can save between now and then. If I can save up a few thousand I can take a few weeks off, and maybe travel or something before settling down in a new city. It'll also depend on whether or not I have a job by then. If I have a job, I can spend more money than I could if I didn't have a job.
it all depends! whee!

I have a few contacts for jobs up there, I'm debating on when to get in touch with these contacts. Do I start pestering them now, or do I wait until I'm closer to moving up there?
Guess it can't hurt to bug them sooner rather than later.
maybe that's what I'll do today.

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