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I got myself a new CPU. yay!
AMD T-bird 1ghz. *grin*
New ASUS MB and a shiny new case.
Only I can't get win2k to install on it. Keeps giving me "Physical Memory Dump" about halfway into the install process.
After browsing the web I got some ideas that I'm trying, but if it doesn't work this time it's getting win98.
Unfortunately I have to get up early and go to work tomorrow, so it'll all have to wait.
new toy! can't play! WAHHHHH!!!
But assuming that all goes ok, I'll have a nice speedy new computer by the end of the week.
Until then, it's nice I'm at home so I have htis computer. (parent's one.)
Anyway, off to set up one more trial instalation of 2k, then off to bed.
Had a wonderful weekend with the girl, yay! *hugs her*
Mowed the lawn for the first time since high school, been holding down the fort around here.
Anyway, g'night all.

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